make a connection

Hunter Communications is trying to help change the way people communicate and connect to the rest of the world by leveling the technological playing field and developing unprecedented new communications and connectivity resources for a number of previously disregarded communities

We believe that our fiber optic platform represents a major shift from traditional communications models and provides a compelling opportunity for our customers to help make the region a true communications hub and future model for facilitating local economic growth, global commerce and educational innovation.

Let’s make a connection.


Imagine a world with redundant connections, a world with backups and fail safes, a world where you can experience only five minutes of total downtime per year, a world where you can count on the reliability of your internet service provider, a world where pure, unadulterated uptime is a reality. Hunter Communications brings that world to your front door. 99.999% availability. All day, every day.

forward thinking

How will your actions today affect the future? At Hunter, we are unwilling to rest on our laurels, milk every last penny out of old technology and harvest profits from outdated equipment. We invest in new technology and bring those investments to our customers, affordably and efficiently, and are vested in the technological advancement and overall growth of our communities.

This is what sets Hunter apart from other providers. We believe that by developing a cutting edge communications network we are establishing a regional foundation on which anything can be built.


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High-Speed Fiber Optic Solutions - IT/IS Support Services • Voice, Data & Video Cabling • Fiber Optics/OTDR Construction & Testing • Aerial Construction • Underground Construction • Local & Wide Area

Networks - Licensed Limited Energy/Low Voltage Technicians • 26-year Warranty on all Cabling Work • On Time Guarantees & Delivery• “Last Mile” Fiber Optic Services • Multi-Region Interconnectivity • 99.999% Network Reliability • Full Service Installations • 24/7 Emergency Response • Fiber Experts (All Equipment Owned)

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